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Come Play With Us

Early Toys from the Collection

Friday, April 1, 2016 to Saturday, August 20, 2016

Play is as natural to us as breathing. We begin playing with our first sight of a smiling face and wiggling fingers, and keep at it long after we are old enough to become parents and grandparents ourselves. Toys and games enhance our play, making it richer and more complex. This interactive exhibit features some of the many toys and games from The History Center’s collections. Modern examples meant for hands-on exploration will accompany the artifacts we are featuring.  Photographs from the Sol Goldberg Collection will be on display as well, highlighting his whimsical portrayal of local people in their playful moments. This exhibit examines the way play has changed
- and stayed the same - over the years. It is a celebration of play and childhood, for the child in all of us.

Click here to check out an article published by The Ithaca Journal on this exhibiton!

Our friends and colleagues at the Tompkins County Public Library have made a wonderful book list in conjunction with this exhibition. Click here to check it out!


We would like to thank Alphabet Soup for their financial contribution towards the creation of this exhibition.

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