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Transcribers Corner

HistoryForge is a project of The History Center in Tompkins County, New York. It’s being developed at these early stages by a team consisting of David Furber (systems analyst and web developer from GORGES and Bob Kibbee, the former Map and Geospatial Librarian at Cornell University, and by Kristin Yarnell, data analyst. Bob and David are both History Center trustees. Valuable input has also been provided by Christine O’Malley from Historic Ithaca. Lynn Thommen and Nina Piccolo, both also trustees of the Center, have provided invaluable grant-writing support.

David has built the software for building descriptions and census records while Bob and Kristin make sure the buckets are filled with data. Development and refinement continues as time and resources allow as we work toward development of a full-featured open-sourced prototype. Building information and records for the people of Ithaca in 1910 are added by a corps of volunteers.

HistoryForge is powered by volunteers.

Volunteers move the project forward and create a HistoryForge that encourages history and historical narrative.
In the process volunteers learn about Ithaca and its people, buildings and institutions, and about the raw materials of historical inquiry.


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