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Sharing our Stories

 The History Center in Tompkins County places a great deal of value on sharing our stories.  We all have a history, a story to share, and are part of the community’s collective history.   Over time we will be reviewing the intersection of sharing personal stories, inter-generational dialogues, and conducting oral histories for groups and organizations.

The History Center in Tompkins County is interested in all three and seeks to develop an approach that is both strategic and mindful of what others are doing throughout the community.

We will seek to develop programmatic and educational approaches that build partnerships and use history as a way of connecting residents through knowing, learning and discovery.  One key goal is to create a common bond across the generations and across groups.  There are opportunities to capture stories forgotten, passed over, and/or ignored.



Generation to Generation: Collecting and Sharing Stories

This new educational initiative, conducted every year in the spring, seeks to bring together local high school students and young adults with elders in the community to forge bonds and learn new skills, while capturing stories about living in Tompkins County.  Specifically, we will be documenting national and local events through social and economic changes that affected, and continue to affect, our community, and the resulting interviews will be recorded for posterity to become part of the History Center archives.

Oral History Workshop

Another new History Center initiative, we will offer this workshop during the winter where  individuals,  groups,  and organizations interested in conducting their own oral history projects can come together to hear local experts in this field, brainstorm ideas with others, and make valuable connections.  Resources will continually be updated on our website so that anyone interested in conducting oral histories can refer to this repository of information.

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