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Sharing our Stories

 The History Center in Tompkins County places a great deal of value on sharing our stories.  We all have a history, a story to share, and are part of the community’s collective history.   Over time we will be reviewing the intersection of sharing personal stories, inter-generational dialogues, and conducting oral histories for groups and organizations. 

The History Center in Tompkins County is interested in all three and seeks to develop an approach that is both strategic and mindful of what others are doing throughout the community.

We will seek to develop programmatic and educational approaches that build partnerships and use history as a way of connecting residents through knowing, learning and discovery.  One key goal is to create a common bond across the generations and across groups.  There are opportunities to capture stories forgotten, passed over, and/or ignored.

Telling Histories: Women's Oral History Project 

A project for young people!

Telling Histories is an oral history project for ten female-identifying young people (grades 9-12) to explore and uncover hidden or untold histories about girls and women in Tompkins County. In this project, the participants will explore the themes and questions that matter to them in their community, be trained how to conduct oral history interviews, and each interview one adult woman in the community related to their personal interests/questions.

Interviews have been conducted with: Ned Asta, Betsy Darlington, Dr. Cory Foster, Elaan Greenfield, Yen Ospina, Dr. Liz Bogel Ryan, and Melissa Tuckey. 

Check back soon for links to listen to the interviews. 


Generation to Generation: Collecting and Sharing Stories

Generation to Generation is an intergenerational Oral History Project at The History Center in Tompkins County that builds bridges between youth and adults in the community. Through this project, we explore topics relevant to the community, while preserving local history and making connections to our current lives.

In this year’s “Gen 2 Gen” program, we explored the history of immigration in Tompkins County by conducting interviews with people who have immigrated tdo the United States, live in Tompkins County, and own a restaurant or food-related business (or whose parents/families owned the business).

Listen to the interviews from the 2019 Generation to Generation project:

Abner Argueta - Argueta's Coffee Roasting
Addisu Gebre - Enat Ethiopian Cuisine & Coffee
Adil Griguihi - Casablanca Pizzeria
Akua Akyea - Mama Loye's Cafe
Baldev & Kamaldeep Sekhon - New Dehli Diamonds
Katherine Karakantas - Ithaca Diner
Ed & Michael Mazza - Ithaca Bakery
Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil - Ithaca Halal Meat & Grocery
Ooy & Bonner Herren - Ithaca Thai Basil
Tal Oron Cohen - Ba-Li Cravings

Oral History Workshop

Another new History Center initiative, we will offer this workshop during the winter where  individuals,  groups,  and organizations interested in conducting their own oral history projects can come together to hear local experts in this field, brainstorm ideas with others, and make valuable connections.  Resources will continually be updated on our website so that anyone interested in conducting oral histories can refer to this repository of information.

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