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Building Connections and Community

Rod Howe

Tompkins County community. A significant part of the historical narrative are the reasons people came here or stayed here. Some of us have connections that go back generations. There are Cayuga Nation people who talk about coming back to the land that they were driven from over two hundred years ago. There are individuals who came here to attend school and stayed here. There are many folks who grew up here, left and then made a conscious decision to come back. There were people brought here as slaves in the early 1800s and their descendants are among us. There are many folks who came here due to conflict and issues in their native countries. People come here for specific employment opportunities. Some were adopted and brought here from other counties, states or countries. There are many scenarios. We are a diverse population with varied stories. That said, we are all members of this community and part of what make us unique is embracing all that brought us to be part of this community in January, 2018. When you come to The History Center tell us your story. What brought you here? Tell your narrative to others. The range of reasons is part of our rich history. How can The History Center continue to provide opportunities to highlight that richness as a way of building connections and community? Please send me your thoughts.

The History Center looks forward to living, working and playing with you in 2018.

Rod Howe

Executive Director of The History Center in Tompkins County

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