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Fall Creek Geographic: Natural and Cultural History of the Fall Creek Watershed

Karen Edelstein and Walter Poleman

Part One: An Overview, Friday, May 4, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (at The History Center)

Part One: An Overview will include an evening presentation exploring and celebrating the natural and cultural history of the Fall Creek Watershed. Using a combination of maps, diagrams, historic photographs, and aerial imagery, we'll interpret the history of how the landscape of the watershed we see today has unfolded through time - from its geologic origins to the impacts of European settlement and modern-day land-use. Presenter: Walter Poleman.

Part Two: A Field Trip Through Time, Saturday, May 5, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (starts at Ithaca Falls)

Part Two: A Field Trip Through Time to experience place-based education in action as we visit three sites in the Fall Creek watershed that have been shaped by the interplay of both human and natural history. Time-travel in place as we explore and interpret how the story of a location has been impacted by its bedrock geology, glacial history, surface topography, and the people who have lived and worked there. We'll start at Ithaca Falls, and then travel upstream to see the influences of the creek on land formation in Freeville, and finally visit the glacially-sculpted landscape of the Von Engeln Preserve in Malloryville.  Tour guides: Karen Edelstein and Walter Poleman with invited presenters at each stop.

Karen Edelstein is an environmental cartographer, educator, and natural history enthusiast. She's lived in Tompkins County for nearly forty years, and delights in forever increasing her understanding of landscape and cultural history of the Finger Lakes Region.
Walter Poleman, an ecologist and senior lecturer at University of Vermont and director of the PLACE (Place-based Landscape Analysis & Community Engagement) Program with the  Burlington Geographic Initiative.

Explore the Fall Creek sub-watershed and its various place names using the interactive map created by Karen Edelstein.


The exhibition is co-sponsored by:
Tompkins County Bicentennial Commission and Names on the Land--Tompkins County.

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