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HistoryForge Day

Rod Howe

What makes history come alive for you? If it is learning about people who lived in specific homes be sure to participate in the October 7 HistoryForge Day. It will be three mini-neighborhood tours. You will be in front of homes learning about the individuals and their houses in 1910. As you walk between the houses, information will be shared about the neighborhood and the 1910-1920 decade. Were they long-term residents, what did they do to earn a living, what were their lives like? This is an opportunity to engage with the past and to be inquisitive about the lives of Ithaca citizens from an earlier period. HistoryForge is developing into a valuable resource to ask questions and to explore the connections among people, buildings and community. There is more information in this newsletter about HistoryForge Day and how to register for one, two or three of the one hour tours.

HistoryForge Day is sponsored by M&T Bank.

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