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Tompkins County Genealogy

The Tompkins County Genealogy Society was formed in 2018 to support genealogists researching their families in Tompkins County and elsewhere. The Society brings together a network of researchers, facilitates access to resources and best practices, and provides programming that draws upon research expertise and personal experiences. The work of the Society is supported by the History Center in Tompkins County and the Tompkins County Public Library. Find us on Facebook.


Upcoming Events

Genealogy Society Meeting - Family Tree 101

Wednesday, January 22nd, 6-7:00pm
Tompkins Center for History & Culture, 110 N Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY 14850 
Second Floor Conference Room

Have you always wondered how to start your own family tree? Not sure where your second cousins should go, or how to figure out if your great-grandfather was adopted? Steve Bissen from the Tompkins County Genealogical Society will provide a guided introduction on how to get started on your own family tree. 

Individuals who have already begun researching their own family trees are welcome to bring their research and to share tips and tricks for how they’ve gone about finding and organizing their family information. 

All attendants will have time to work on their own Family Tree for the second half of the session. This program is free and open to all ages. Families welcome. 

This program is a collaborative event between the Tompkins County Genealogy Society and The History Center in Tompkins County. 


Upcoming Tompkins County Genealogy Society Programs

February 19th - Delving into Family Research Online

March 19th - Using Local Archives at the History Center

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