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Tompkins County Heritage Tourism

In cooperation with The History Center, Tompkins County has a new focus on Heritage Tourism.

Tompkins County Welcomes You!

The History Center is a member of Tompkins County’s Heritage Tourism network which has a goal of presenting “this unique place by building on the special characteristics of its people, culture, history, geography, environment, economic activity and institutions."

Heritage Tourism includes two main audiences – both visitors and county residents.  If we are to attract tourists utilizing heritage tourism strategies that include an emphasis on authenticity we will work toward being a place that highlights and tells the stories of all the county's citizens. By sharing stories and knowing each other a strong community is developed that fosters community attachment and a sense of place.  THC seeks to have compelling local history stories available through oral histories and intergenerational dialogues.

In the future we anticipate piloting a heritage ambassadors program. The program will educate participants on the many facets of the county’s history and heritage. After graduating from the training, participants will volunteer to the heritage tourism network as heritage ambassadors.

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Tompkins County’s Tourism Program: Implementation Plan: 

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