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Youth Education

Welcome to The History Center's Youth Education opportunities!

History at Home

During this time of staying at home, we're here to connect with local history!  Kids, families, and teachers, check out these "History at Home" resources and ground yourself in connecting to this place where you live.

Stories from Inside - What has been your experience of COVID-19 and being "inside"? Share your perspectives with our multi-media project by June 15. More info here:

stories from inside ad

Help Make History - What is your experience of life at home during COVID-19? Express yourself, and then share it with The History Center's archive. Wait, what's an archive?

Learn more and watch our "Archives 101" video here. 

Tommy Plane - The Tommy Plane, or the Thomas Morse S4-B Scout Plane was created right here in Ithaca for use in WWI. Click the link to learn about Tommy, create and design your own planes, and develop your own Tommy Plane silent movie!  

Tompkins County Coloring Book - Enjoy this set of coloring pages by local artists that depict local history, geography, and community spaces. 

Ithaca Kitty - We have a wonderful cat in our community named Cesar Grimalkin, who is a polydactyl cat. That means that Cesar has 7 toes on two of his paws! Click the link to learn more about Cesar, the "Ithaca Kitty," and about how you can draw and write your own stories about being unique, and build and sew your own Ithaca Kitty. Click here for the Ithaca Kitty original patent.  

When we're back in person


Youth & Family Programs:

Join us for our series of youth & family programs, "From Seeds to Wisdom: Exploring Haudenosaunee Cycles," in partnership with members of the Haudenosaunee community. Each month will explore a different aspect of Haudenosaunee culture & history. FREE to all!

Home History Scavenger Hunt

Media Folder


School-based programs:

The Eight Square Schoolhouse Living History program is designed for fourth grades and home school groups. Step back in time to 1892 and experience a school-day in this one-room school building built in 1892. Questions students will explore: What was it like for children to attend a rural one room school in the late 19th century? What is the purpose of education? How does this history impact who I am today?

Holocaust Education - The History Center has partnered with the Ithaca Area United Jewish Community and the IC Park Scholars to share oral histories of Holocaust Survivors who live in our local community. Educators, stream these classroom-ready videos with your students, and use the curricular resources to support the learning. Find out more here:

Loan Kits, including photos, maps, and artifacts are designed for multiple ages and bring local history to your classroom. 

Field trips: Visit The History Center with your class! Explore local history and make connections to your classroom curriculum. Open to grades pre-K through 12. Field trips connect with our exhibits and can include: Haudenosaunee history & culture, The Tommy Plane, The People of Tompkins County, Maps throughout Tompkins County history, and more. We can also design a program with you to meet your classroom needs.


Teen Programs

The History Center is a site and organization that welcomes young people and respects the ideas and interests of youth in this community. Out of school programs for teens include:

  • Generation to Generation: Collecting and Sharing Stories - an intergernational oral history project
  • Youth Ambassador Program - a youth leadership council

 Teens: Want volunteer or community service hours? Get involved with The History Center!

  • Volunteer for History Forge - HistoryForge is an innovative digital history project from The History Center in Tompkins County which combines historic maps and photos, as well as census records about the people who lived in Ithaca, creating a new way to visualize the history of Ithaca in the early 1900s.

    No experience is necessary! Please contact Eve at for more information

  • Volunteer at Youth programs or other History Center events. Contact Julia (info below) for more details.

For more information on any of these programs, or to schedule a program, contact Julia Taylor, Director of Youth Education, for more information: or 607-273-8284 x229

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